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Car ploughs through Desperadoes hospitalised, several injured
Monday, March 31, 2014
The car which crashed into the Witco Desperadoes band outside Smokey and Bunty’s Bar, Western Main Road, St James, on Saturday night. PHOTOS: CLYDE LEWIS

A performance by Witco Desperadoes ended before it started on Saturday. Just before 9 pm, moments before the band was scheduled to perform at the 25th anniversary celebration of Smokey & Bunty, a car mounted the pavement and ploughed through the band, narrowly missing patrons seated along the Western Main Road establishment in St James. One spectator was hit and was rushed by ambulance to hospital in an unconscious state. 



A number of the pan players escaped serious injury, with four reportedly going to hospital to treat cuts and abrasions. Many of the band’s instruments were destroyed before the car came to a stop at the corner of Dengue Street and Western Main Road. Visibly shaken after the incident, a member of Desperadoes said, “This was a real miracle, as an angel seemed to be with the band.


If we were playing at the time many of us would have been killed or seriously injured.” Saturday also marked the 25th anniversary of the death of Desperadoes’ legend the late Rudolph Charles. Police officers, some from the Rapid Response Unit, were quickly on the scene. They regulated traffic, whisked away the driver and impounded the car.