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Sat on alleged behaviour: Wrong for any man to act like that

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Sat Maharaj

Secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) Sat Maharaj, reacting to the resignation of Chandresh Sharma, said he did not support Sharma’s alleged conduct. “It is not right for any man to behave in that manner—a married man, it is not right especially as you are having an affair with a person who is young as your oldest child, it’s not right,” he said. Maharaj maintained it was the Prime Minister’s decision to fire Sharma.



“He (Chandresh Sharma) has not been convicted of anything yet, but if the matter is going to embarrass the Government he offered his resignation, and if he offered his resignation it is up to the Prime Minister to accept or not to accept.” Sharma is the 14th minister to leave the Government. 


Asked whether the many changes in the People’s Partnership would reflect badly on that party, he said: “It reflects badly on the whole of the Government and it reflects badly on T&T when a minister misbehaves like that and the media highlights the misbehaviour.  



“In the past we had incidents of infidelity but it remained quietly it didn’t affect the national population because of the proliferation of mass media in T&T anything happens, it is brought to the attention of the population immediately which is a good thing itself. I don’t know whether Chandresh Sharma has accepted the fact that the story told to the media did take place or not.”



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Replaced ministers to date include:
• Verna St Rose-Greaves, Gender Affairs
• Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Health Minister
• Herbert Volney, Justice Minister
• Collin Partap, National Security Minister
• Mary King, Planning Minister
• Jamal Mohammed, Communication Minister
• Christlyn Moore, Justice Minister
• John Sandy, National Security Minister
• Jack Warner, Works and Transport; National Security
• Nicole Dyer-Griffith, Communications Minister
• Subhas Panday, National Security
• Nan Ramgoolam, Public Administration
• Glenn Ramadharsingh, Minister of the People and Social Development
• Chandresh Sharma, Tourism Minister