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Laventille man found with missing police gun

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A 26-year-old Laventille man is assisting police with their investigation into the disappearance of a police issued firearm after he was found with the Smith and Wesson M and P pistol and 17 rounds of ammunition during a road block on Saturday. 


According to police reports, officers of the Besson Street Police Station Criminal Investigation Department, led by Inspector Sahadeo Singh, were on a road block exercise at Desperlie Crescent Laventille on Saturday when they stopped the man, who they described as a gang member just after 10 pm. 


The man, they said, had the weapon and when asked about it said he bought it from a police officer. Police say the gun is being traced to determine if it was used in any other criminal activity while the suspect is assisting officers in apprehending the alleged salesman.


Officers said the gun was traced back to a female police officer who is currently on suspension after she lost the firearm in the Central Division in 2012.