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Adviser: Plot to get rid of Delmon Baker

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Delmon Baker

Stanley Beard, adviser to Tobago Development Minister Delmon Baker, has accused a radio programme of making public mischief with allegations which created a discussion aimed at embarrassing the minister. He said the matter could go to court. Beard confirmed that following claims Baker was “considering his future” in politics after a “nasty rumour” on Tuesday that he had met with Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to offer a resignation and subsequently resigned. 



Rumours were so strong on Tuesday that two PNM senators noted allegations concerning a minister and a “little boy” during Senate proceedings. An official of the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday said Baker did not seek a meeting with the PM but she had asked to see him. Baker did not answer calls yesterday. Beard said as far as he knew, Baker offered no resignation. However, Beard said, he was concerned that as Baker was meeting the PM, a radio programme aired allegations about Baker and a resignation.


He said the situation was a plot to defame Baker by some people,  who were trying to tarnish him because he had leadership potential. Beard, who claimed extortion of Baker had arisen, said TOP was supposed to have a party election by May 26 and many things were happening as a result, particularly since there was no executive to steer the situation.


He claimed several people were trying to take over TOP and the die was cast long ago for Baker to be a target, since he was a young unmarried man. Denying rumours about any child being involved in the issue, Beard said one of the culprits behind the alleged situation was a person who had worked in TOP’s office during elections, noting, as sometimes happens at election time, “people always wanted things.”