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How to sing sweetly

Monday, April 14, 2014
Tobago Peeps
James, the elderly fix-it man in Buccoo

As the saying goes: “Good ting no cheap, cheap ting no good.” So it's no surprise that the bargain electric kettle I bought two months ago has suddenly stopped working. The person who comes to mind when I think of repairs is James, the elderly fix-it man in Buccoo who can mend just about anything.


As I pull up in front of his little wood and galvanize establishment, I hear a pleasant, bluesy strum emanating from a CD least, I think it's a CD player until I get out of my vehicle and realize it's James, nestled in the corner of his stall, guitar plugged into a small amp, practising one of the songs he will perform at our concert, “Love and Light”, at Kariwak Hotel on April 19th.


In real grassroots marketing style, our concert flyers are stuck on the front of his stall, listing (alphabetically) the four performers (Elspeth Duncan, Glenroy James, Jean Lyons, Obe/Obadiah), admission $100, sponsors ('Shore Things Cafe' and 'Snacks R Us') and relevant details like time (6:00—8:00 p.m.), great door prizes and “Tickets available at Kariwak Hotel”. James takes the kettle and says he will see what he can do.