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Dead pigeon shuts down courthouse

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The stench of a decomposing pigeon in the ceiling of the Princes Town Magistrate Court forced the early closure of the court yesterday. Matters in the First and Second Court came to a premature end after the stench became unbearable for staff and members of the public. A release from the Judiciary stated the stench was caused by a dead pigeon in the ceiling on the second floor of the court building. “Recognising the discomfort to our clientele, court was closed early to minimise the impact on members of the public and staff and allow for retrieval of the carcass.”


The release stated that the public was notified of the closure and registry operations ceased at noon. “The magistrates dispensed with matters for the day while staff continued working to prepare the necessary orders and remand warrants. All other staff were allowed to leave by 1 p.m.” In an telephone interview, Assembly of Southern Lawyers president Imran Khan said he received several complaints from attorneys about hazardous and uncomfortable working conditions at the Princes Town court.

“I am not surprised to hear this. They have been telling me that the conditions are so cramped, there are only two courts and they do equal amount of matters as in San Fernando and Siparia. I think the pigeon thing is the tip of the iceberg. The condition on a whole seems to be a fire and health hazard and there are safety issues.” He said the conditions were very much the same at the San Fernando and Siparia Magistrates Court.