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Drunk drivers held in police exercises

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Southern division police arrested 46 people, including 17 motorists who were caught driving drunk, during exercises conducted between Friday night and yesterday morning. The 17 motorists, all of whom failed breathalyser tests, will appear before a San Fernando magistrate on Tuesday. The exercise, which began at 8 pm on Good Friday and ended at 10 am yesterday, was spearheaded by ASP Zamsheed Mohammed and co-ordinated by Insp Don Gajadhar. 


Officers also carried out raids in known drug areas and arrested 29 people on outstanding warrants and for possession of narcotics. A total of 100 grammes of marijuana was seized. The exercises will continue through the Easter weekend. A senior police officer expressed concern about the number of motorists being arrested for drunk driving


“Every weekend we are having the same amount of drivers being arrested for drunk driving. We are having too many road deaths and it seems that drivers are ignoring the law. Designate a driver. We will continue doing what we doing, but they not listening,” the officer said.