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Probe ordered into illegal dumping

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Princes Town Regional Corporation (PTRC) chairman Aiknath Singh has ordered a probe into illegal dumping at a Barrackpore community after several hundred pounds of rotting meat were found at a campsite. Packages and slabs of pork, chicken, turkey and goat products were discovered by residents of South Oropouche Trace, after it created a stench in the community. Residents said police were called in, but were told it was not a matter for them. They said they are afraid of the health effects it can have on them. 



Singh said he has instructed municipal police at the PTRC to start probing the incident, following which charges of illegal dumping will be laid against those responsible. Farmer Ramnanan Deobarran, in whose garden the meat was dumped, said when he went to tend to his crops he began feeling upset. “It was a heap of meat. I thought someone had dumped normal garbage, but when I reached close to it, then I realised it was any kind of meat you can think about.”


Deobarran said he had to pay $3,000 for a backhoe to dig a hole to bury the meat. Resident Frankie Sookram said his family camps there every Sunday and public holiday. He said the meat was thrown there by the occupants of a white panel van shortly after 8 pm on Thursday. “It is affecting us, the smell is over bad and we have little children around here, who are around four years and five years. They are always playing here when we are making our cook,” Sookram said.