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Mayor calls on religious bodies to play greater role in youth development

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chaguanas mayor Gopaul Boodhan has called on religious organisations to play a greater role in youth development. Boodhan said so yesterday as he opened the annual sports function hosted by the Pillars of Truth Ministry Pentecostal Church at the Edinburgh 500 recreation ground. He said religious organisations must take a proactive role in getting young people involved in religion. He said the breakdown in society occurred in the last three decades might be in part due to youths straying away from religion and being caught up in worldly activities.


The mayor said religious organisations must change their marketing strategies and get up and get out and start attracting young people into their flock. He said religious organisations must develop strategies to get  primary school-aged children participating. He also said he believes the declining moral standards threatening the next generation could turn around once religious organisations get the ball rolling with youths. Boodhan praised Pillars of Truth Ministries for attracting young people from the community of Enterprise to the church and yesterday’s event.