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‘Silver bullet for Ramesh’

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj says he has hired private security after learning that there is a “silver bullet” for him if he continues to stand up against the People’s Partnership. Maharaj spoke on Independent Liberal Party (ILP) leader Jack Warner’s platform for Change at Gaston Court, Chaguanas, on Friday night, where he said he was told about the bullet for him by people close to the Government. “One of them said they have a silver bullet for of them said we will put up people to kill Ramesh.”



The former AG said he had been threatened before by other governments, but while he would treat the previous threats as empty, he believes there is some substance behind this new threat. He said he wanted the acting Commissoner of Police to know that the Government was capable of anything. “If the threat becomes serious, I will report it to the police,” Maharaj said. Maharaj said this will not force him to go quiet on the latest scandal involving prison litigation.


“Why doesn’t the Prime Minister want an investigation independent of the Attorney General’s office?” Maharaj asked. Ramesh questioned why Ramlogan would not recuse himself from this probe.