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Seetahal assassinated

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Police officers at the scene of the murder of Dana Seetahal SC on Hamilton Holder Street, Woodbrook, this morning. PHOTO: ROBERTO CODALLO

The country woke up to news that a senior attorney at the criminal bar was gunned down this morning, in what police have described as a "professional" hit.


Police said Dana Seetahal was shot dead at about 12.05 am as she was driving north along Hamilton-Holder Street, Woodbrook when  two vehicles pulled alongside her causing her to come to a stop near the Woodbrook Youth Club. 


One of the vehicles, a Nissan Wingroad, then drove ahead a short distance and pulled across the road, blocking it. The other vehicle, which was described as a panel van, pulled alongside and the occupants of that vehicle pulled out their firearms and opened fire on the SUV, police said.


The two vehicles then sped off. Residents of the area, on hearing several loud explosions, contacted the police and emergency health services, who arrived to find the senior counsel dead, slumped over in the driver seat.


ACP Wayne Dick, Senior Superintendent Ishmael David, Acting ASP Williams, Inspector Thomas, Inspector Veronique, Inspector Lawrence, and Inspector Rampersad, among others, visited the scene. Police are continuing investigations. No motive has emerged at this time.


The high-profile assasssination is not without precedent. In 1995, former attorney general Selwyn Richardson was assassinated by unknown assailants as he was entering his driveway at the end of his working day.