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Subhas: Blood on politicians’ hands

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The blood of Dana Seetahal, SC, is on the hands of all politicians and the adversarial system of politics, says former minister in the Ministry of National Security Subhas Panday. In a telephone interview on Sunday, Panday said crime continued unabated because it continued to be treated as a political football. Recalling he had known Seetahal for over 25 years, Panday described her as an honest, straight-forward person who was a stickler for hard work. “I am very shocked by her sudden death. I lay the blame on this crime on the laps of all politicians,” he added.

He said politicians in the Government and Opposition must put their differences aside and work together to fight crime. He also suggested that the Ministry of National Security be split up.
 “It is too fat and cumbersome because there are too may functions. “The Police Service, Defence Force, Fire and Prisons Services should remain under the Ministry of National Security and all peripheral functions could probably go under Homeland Security. “Maybe we should consider a Homeland Security Ministry.”