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Key work in recent times

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

As police work to bring the perpetrators of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal’s murder to justice, documents from the Attorney General’s office show Seetahal advised and or was advising on the following matters among several others:  
1. The Miscellaneous Provisions (Administration of Justice) Bill 2014. The amendments to the DNA and fingerprint laws and amendments to the Jury Act. Debate on this bill resumes on Friday.
2. The Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Bill 2014. This took into consideration the creation of a new motor vehicle authority and the reformation of traffic laws bearing in mind the need for road safety and the need to stamp out the high levels of corruption at the Licensing Office.


Seetahal also advised on:
• The Indictable Offences (Committal Proceedings) Bill 2014 (Abolition of preliminary inquiries.
• Soldier/Police Bill.
• State of emergency.
• Advertising in the legal profession.
• Plea bargaining.
• Abolition of jury trials. 
• The sale of Abu Bakr’s properties.