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Prisoner ‘shot’ in riot at Princes Town court

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prisoners rioted in the cellblock at the Princes Town Magistrates Court yesterday, resulting in one prisoner being shot. Prisoner and murder accused Victor Marcano was reportedly shot in his waist with a rubber bullet and had to taken for attention at the Princes Town District Health Facility, after Guard and Emergency Branch officers were called in to quell the uprising. According to reports, the incident occurred around 2.15 pm when prisoners in the cellblock began rioting after their meals were late.



Police sources said they attempted to hold fellow prisoner Ricky Taylor hostage, demanding cigarettes and food in return for his safety. When the cellblock officers were not able to restore order, GEB officers were called in. Outside the court, prisoners seated in the prison van complained loudly about the unfair treatment meted out to them and threatened the lives of officers. "The police dem shoot ah man downstairs in the cellblock," one prisoner shouted repeatedly.


"All police dead," shouted another. Marcano and brothers — Antrez Khan and Kendell Khan—are charged with the 2012 murder of Marcus Cooper..