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Splattered blood crying for justice —Teelucksingh

Friday, May 9, 2014
Gilbert Peterson, SC, left, and John Jeremie, SC at the funeral service of the Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal yesterday. PHOTO: ANDRE ALEXANDER

Former Independent senator Rev Daniel Teelucksingh yesterday told President Anthony Carmona and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar that splattered blood was crying for justice in the country. He said so while giving his tribute at the funeral service of former special prosecutor Dana Seetahal, SC, at the Armalaya Presbyterian Church, Tunapuna, yesterday. “This is no easy land to govern,” Teelucksingh said to the packed church, with people listening on the outside from loudspeakers. The service was broadcast live on radio and television. He stressed: “The conspiracy of the criminally-minded contributes to the challenges of effective governance and good administration.” That sparked applause. 


He noted that T&T’s open borders were also contributing to the national security challenge, adding that national peace was still being sought. “Everyday the lawless brazenly challenge the rule of law, attempting to create mayhem, fear and grief,” Teelucksingh said. He asked: “Don’t you think that Dana’s blood and those of all murdered victims cry also to the person or persons who pull the trigger or use a weapon?” He hoped the killers were “sharing in the service somewhere.” In his tribute Teelucksingh said: “Dana Seetahal belonged to the order of the brave and the society of the courageous. She represents the strengths, defiance and determination of the legal fraternity and the criminal justice system.” Seetahal represented the embodiment of those who refused to surrender to the criminals, Teelucksingh added.