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D’Abadie man killed in highway crash

Monday, May 12, 2014

A 25-year-old D’Abadie man was killed and his friend is in critical condition at the Eric Williams Medical Complex following a vehicular accident on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway near Trincity Mall early yesterday morning. Police said at around 4 am, Gordon Brown was driving his maroon Nissan B-12 east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway when the vehicle veered off the roadway and crashed into the bank of a river. The car spilt in two on impact. 


Brown, of La Resource South, D’Abadie, died at the scene. His friend Keon Constantine, of Pine Ridge Heights, Lopinot, suffered severe injuries to his head and upper body. Police are also investigating the death of a 46-year-old man who was found dead at the side of the road in Cumuto yesterday morning.


Shazad Ali, of St Marie Manuel Road, Cumuto, was found by his father Azard along Influenza Road.  Cpl Jawahir and Cpl Henry along with PC Martin visited the scene and saw bore marks of violence on the body and what appeared to be tyre marks close by. Police believe Ali was dragged for some distance and was also beaten.