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Lost and found

Monday, May 12, 2014
Tobago Peeps

Last week I mentioned how I opened a Skyview Tobago map, closed my eyes, pointed my finger on a spot at random and landed on Nutmeg Grove. Having never heard of this place and curious to know more, I had headed out that day in search of it. The map was straightforward, but in the absence of names of smaller streets, all I knew is that I should turn off Northside Road somewhere near Moriah. I reached that area just after 10 am. The road was devoid of people: there was no one from whom I could get directions.


Intuitively, at one point I turned right and drove down a small incline. A man was walking along the road, scowling from the heat. I stopped and asked if he knew Nutmeg Grove. “Where they sennin’ yuh?” he asked me. I showed him the map, which seemed to confuse him. His suggestion of asking at the auto garage further up the road brought no answers. 



My next stop was at a place called Sunrising Mini Mart, to buy water and snacks. The cashier and another woman perused the map and shook their heads, suggesting that maybe they knew the area, but by another name. “I hope you get through and come back and tell me details,” the cashier said as I left.