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Slow start to PNM voting

Monday, May 12, 2014
PNM member Colleen Haynes, right, has her ID checked by officials at Balisier House yesterday during special voting for the PNM’s May 18 internal elections. PHOTO: KRISTIAN DE SILVA

Voting for a new national executive of the  People’s National Movement (PNM) began yesterday morning when special elections were allowed to cast their ballot one week ahead of the party’s May 18 internal polls. Voting started at the scheduled 8 am and concluded at 6 pm at the party’s Balisier House headquarters. 



Vice chairman of the Elections Supervisory Committee, former Port-of-Spain Mayor Murchison Brown said voting proceeded smoothly with no untoward incident.  He said voting was slow but steady with just over 100 ballots cast by 3 pm. Brown said the special electors were life members, members who will be working on election day, candidates and members who will be abroad on that day.



Dr Keith Rowley is seeking re-election as political leader. His slate has most of the incumbents, while former senator Pennelope Beckles-Robinson is challenging him for the leadership of the party. It is the first time the party was conducting the elections under the one-man-one-vote system. Previous elections used a delegate system. More 81,000 members are eligible to vote in the historic election.