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Blast victim cremated

Friday, May 16, 2014

Preliminary findings on the blast that claimed the life of marine welder Vedesh Mohess and severely injured two others are expected to be released soon. Yesterday Taran Sagramsingh, marine manager at Trinidad Contractors Ltd, where the explosion happened, said the company was expecting the findings of one of several investigations initiated after the explosion aboard the MV Comanche Arrow barge. It happened last Thursday at the company’s port at Old Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay. Investigations were initiated by Fire Services, Police, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, the Occupational Health and Safety Authority and an independent firm. It is unclear which of these reports will be handed over first.


Mohess, a 42-year-old father of three from St Croix Road, Princes Town, was cremated yesterday at the Shore of Peace, Mosquito Creek, La Romain. His relatives were inconsolable as they said their final farewell to him. His wife, Nisha Mohess, clutched her sons — Vedel, 15, Vickash, ten, and Vishan, 6 — close to her chest as she wept next to her husband’s coffin.
Officiating pundit Krishna Maharaj urged mourners to walk on the righteous path because no one knew when their time on this earth would be up. “Let us seek refuge in the abode of God. Some of us are still young and put aside praying to God thinking that ‘I am young, I will not die yet.” He (Mohess) was young,” Maharaj said, pointing to Mohess’ white coffin. 
Mohess and his co-workers—John Lambert, 48, and Trevor Henry—were working on the barge last week Thursday when the blast occurred. Henry reportedly jumped into the sea after the blast. Henry, who is warded in stable condition at the Augustus Long Hospital, Pointe-a-Pierre, is improving. Investigations are continuing.