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Tobago dates

Monday, May 19, 2014
Tobago Peeps

July 30, 2012
The answer. Walking along the beach in Tobago, I asked a question and said to the Universe: “If the answer is yes, let me find a heart-shaped stone.” Within less than ten minutes I had found nine. That is the status update I wrote after asking the Universe about my out-of-the-blue gut feeling to move to Tobago. Below are selected Facebook status updates written after I moved here on  October 8, 2012.  



February 19, 2013
Highly impressed with the quality of customer service in Tobago (99 per cent of it).  



Whether they really mean it or are just very well trained isn’t the point. It feels great to be told, “Have a wonderful day” after doing a transaction ... to have an establishment’s guard come up to me and ask “Are you waiting?” before ushering me in a chivalrous manner toward the counter to be swiftly and pleasantly served ... to be told, “You have a beautiful rest of the day,” as I leave a be brightly smiled at by an employee in such a way that Colgate would want to use her in one of their ads.