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Constituents want probe first

Friday, May 23, 2014

Residents of D’Abadie/O’Meara are calling on the Government to do a thorough investigation into a video which purportedly shows a Government minister rolling a marijuana cigarette in a hotel room. Speaking out yesterday after the televised release of the video on Wednesday night, constituents expressed surprise and disbelief that the video which showed the minister rolling the cigarette while chatting with a female companion, was real. One woman said: “I don’t feel so. I will be surprised if it is true.”


Admitting she had seen the video, another said: “He should set a better example as people look up to him.” A third woman said: “If it’s true, I think he should resign as we expect a lot from them as ministers. We voted for them and the things we are hearing, it is not nice at all.” Samantha Dowlat expressed shock that a minister might be involved in such an incident. Confident that the minister had been wrongly accused, Dowlat said: “I don’t feel so. I don’t think he will be in something like that but they should investigate before removing him.”


Dowlat’s husband said he was saddened to see the video but he sympathised with the subject, adding: “If it is him, you have to understand that one can lose one’s way and go down the wrong path. They must investigate first and not just say false accusations against anyone.” When the T&T Guardian visited the office of Anil Roberts, who represents the constituency, the two employees present offered no comment when asked about the matter. One woman ushered the T&T Guardian out, saying: “You all have not been here in four years so why are you all coming now?” At Hagan’s Bar next door, many patrons declined to comment, while one man, who said he had seen the video, shook his head sadly.