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Jack fires Volney from Sunshine

Friday, May 23, 2014

Leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Jack Warner says he fired former MP and justice minister Herbert Volney from writing in his Sunshine newspaper because Volney vacillated from his position and that would have caused “lack of confidence” in the paper. Warner fired Volney on Wednesday, the same day the former judge said he accepted full responsibility for the proclamation of Section 34 of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act, which caused a scandal. Volney also apologised to the Attorney General, who had filed a lawsuit against him for defamation over statements Volney had made about Ramlogan’s role in the scandal. Warner’s Sunshine was launched after he left Government and has carried a number of anti-PP articles.

He said he wrote to Volney on Wednesday telling him Sunshine management had agreed to stop Volney’s weekly column with immediate effect. His letter to Volney said: “The credibility of our contributors is critical to the image of our newspaper and as such anyone who vacillates on a position cannot instil confidence in our readers and affects the integrity of our papers. In this regard we have been forced to make our decision.” Warner said Volney had changed his view and the paper, which he owns, would have been affected by these inconsistencies. Warner said Volney responded: “It was a great pleasure to have contributed to the Sunshine over the last year. I wish you the very best for the Sunshine in the next year.” 


Volney said yesterday people were entitled to their opinions about his apology and he was comfortable with it. “T&T is polarised, 40 per cent PNM, 40 per cent UNC and 20 per cent silent majority [sic] that decides the outcome of every general election. The 40 per cent of PNM is the most vocal and they and the unions who are marching are chastising me. I just don’t listen to them on the radio.” Volney, who said he was an ILP member, said he had nothing to do with the PP. He said if had to “go back” anywhere it would be to the UNC. “But I think I’ll remain with the 20 per cent silent majority,” he added.