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Stop the land-grabbing squatters

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Squatting camps have become eyesores all over Trinidad and since the authorities are turning a blind eye to this cancer in our land; soon squatters will become a law unto themselves. It is bad enough to see shanties in the hills, but when they are around houses for which the home owners had to go through all the proper and legal channels before they could build, while squatters can just erect their structures without any authorisation, then it just shows a lack of any will on the part of those who have to regulate housing.


In Alta Gracia, Maracas there is a virtual village in plain sight overlooking houses, and absolutely no one in authority seems to give a hoot. In fact, a cesspit was built on the land of a legal landowner, who it seems now can’t build or even sell the land if he wanted, just because of this eyesore. 


Not only is squatting an eyesore, but some squatters can “own” as much land as they want for free, since these structures are just thrown up; should any calamity take place, then these illegals would want Government to help them, which means legal home owners and taxpayers would have to assist. Come on, authorities do your job: stop squatting. Don’t just give letters of comfort, as you are just encouraging lawlessness.


Clermont Andrews