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Healing begins at funeral of Pastor ‘Kitty’

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

As a sign of forgiveness, the family members who escaped the wrath of pastor Vishnu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh nine weeks ago on the day he murdered his brother and killed himself attended his funeral yesterday. Cousins Timothy and Joey Janitan, whom Lutchmansingh tried to kill on March 31, were among the mourners gathered to bid their final farewell, at Belgrove’s crematorium, Coffee Street, San Fernando. Also present was the widow of Lutchmansingh’s brother Kishan, Allison Lutchmansingh. She said through attending the funeral of the man who killed her husband, she had begun the healing process. “I am healing with the help of God and it is my faith that brought me here today,” said Lutchmansingh. “In time, God will give me the strength to forgive him.”


Speaking during the service, Lutchmansingh’s sister, Pastor Girlie Lutchmansingh, urged family members to remember the good times spent with him and not only the bad times. “We need to remember the good times we had as children, the man ‘Kitty’ was 99 per cent of the time, not the person he was one per cent of the time,” she said. Another sister, Geeta Lutchmansingh, said the family had begun to heal and move on from the tragedy and was hoping to stay close. “We finally have closure. Now we can move on. This is the time we have to look out for one another, for his children especially,” she said as she tried to soothe Lutchmansingh’s eight-year-old daughter, Alana. Lutchmansingh’s elder daughter, Hana, had to be consoled by relatives as her father’s remains were cremated as she too broke down in loud sobs. The T&T Guardian understands Lutchmansingh’s son, Aaron, was too distraught to attend the service. On March 31, Lutchmansingh, founder of Faith Sanctuary Family Ministries, shot and killed his brother Kishan. He then tried to shoot his nephew, Timothy, and ran over his other nephew, Joey, on his way to his home at Savary Road, Las Lomas No 1, where he set the house on fire while he was inside.


Who was Kitty?

Lutchmansingh, 54, shot to fame in 2003 with claims that he had inherited a billion-dollar fortune before he was eventually indicted in an embezzlement scam.