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Premonition before girl’s hanging death

Monday, June 16, 2014

Days before 11-year-old Rehanna Briggs was found hanging from a clothes line at her Williamsville home, her sister, Antonia Perry, had a premonition that someone was going to die. The mother of two said: “I know someone in my family was going to die, I had a feeling. I thought it was going to be my son. A few days ago I was crying telling a co worker I feel my son is going to die not knowing it was my sister.”


Rehanna’s mother, Angela, who suffers from high blood pressure, was discharged from hospital on Saturday night. She had to be warded and sedated after learning of the girl’s death. Perry said her mother, who is inconsolable, has been sleeping on a couch because she cannot go into the bedroom she shared with Rehanna.


Rehanna, a standard four pupil of Hardbargain Government Primary School and the youngest of six children, was found hanging from a clothes line at her Dyer Village, Williamsville home, on Friday. She was taken to the Princes Town District Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Police said her death appears to be accidental. An autopsy is expected to be done later today to determine the cause of death. PC Ballantyne of the Princes Town CID is continuing investigations.