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Baby dies while nursing

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yet another family has been plunged into mourning as a six-month-old baby died while being breastfed by his mother. Although police do not suspect foul play in the death of Christopher Rambahan, they await the findings of an autopsy today to determine how the child died. Reports stated that around 11.30 pm, Sunday, Christopher was nestled in the arms of his mother 24-year-old June Nesha Wattley at their Perseverance Road home in Chaguanas.

While breastfeeding the child, Wattley noticed milk was running from his nose and when she touched him, he was unresponsive. She immediately took him to the Chaguanas Police Station where police administered CPR on the baby while they awaited an ambulance. Both mother and baby were taken to the Chaguanas Health Centre where further efforts were made to revive the child. Despite medical staff’s efforts, Christopher was pronounced dead around 12.30 am. Police said the baby had no marks of violence and ordered undertakers to taker the body to the San Fernando Mortuary.