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Cops probe death of man in sex act

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The death of a 64-year-old man is being investigated by the Homicide Bureau after his shirtlesss body was found with a belt tied around his neck and his hands tied behind his back. Gregory Lange, of Albert Street, Arouca, was last seen alive around 4 pm on Sunday.  Lange, who worked at Optometrists Today, was found by his colleagues, who went looking for him after he failed to show up to work yesterday. Police said around 10 am they received a call about the discovery.


Lange’s co-workers went to his home and called out to him, and when they got no response they peeped inside and saw him near his bed. Police believe he was killed in a sex act that may have gone wrong, but his death will not be classified until his autopsy is done today. In an unrelated matter, Deon Malino, who was found dead at the entrance to a forest at Grand Curacaye Road, Upper San Juan, last week, died from a heart attack accelerated by chronic alcoholism, his autopsy revealed yesterday. Police said Malino, 46, was wanted in connection with the death of his wife Kaeisha Malino, 37, who was killed at her home on March 24.