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Hours after geting restraining order... Rio Claro mom hacked to death

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A mother of two was killed by a close male relative yesterday, hours after she obtained a restraining order against the man in the Mayaro Magistrates Court. Police said Orpha Prescilla Hackett, 24, of Union Village, Rio Claro, was chopped several times about the body by the man, who attacked her as she was visiting her sister in Mayaro. However, witnesses eventually held the man and called in the police, who arrested him and seized the weapons used in the killing. The man was detained at the Mayaro Police Station last night.

Police said Hackett, the mother of a girl, 4 and boy, 2, had received a three-year restraining order against the man in the court earlier in the day after ending an abusive relationship with him. She then went to visit her sister. Around 1.50 pm, however, witnesses claimed to have seen the man buying two knives and a cutlass at a nearby hardware. He then went to the St Ann’s Village, Mayaro, home of Hackett’s sister and attacked and killed her.