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Man robbed, shot in Cocorite

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two people narrowly escaped being shot on Thursday night, while a third was shot in the left shoulder hours after being robbed by five men. According to police, Vincent Rivers, 46, was driving his car along Cocorite Terrace, Diego Martin, with Dianne St Hillaire, 22, a fire officer, in the front passenger seat when four men opened fire on the car. The car crashed but both occupants were unharmed. The gunmen escaped. The shooting took place just after 11 pm, on Thursday, police said. 


In an unrelated shooting in the same area, five men, dressed in camouflage uniforms and ski masks, shot 26-year-old Kurt Pope and another man who were standing on the road in Cocorite. Police said Pope was shot in the left shoulder while the other man was not injured. Police said the five had earlier robbed Pope of $10,000 worth of jewelry, $40 in cash and a cell phone. Cpl Nicome of the Western Division is continuing investigations into both shooting incidents.  


In separate police operations which began on Thursday night and ended early yesterday, several people were arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol and 120 motorists were charged for other traffic offences in the Northern Division. During the anti-crime exercise, 25 people were arrested for various offences including failing the breathalyser test. Another 15 people were arrested in the Central Division. Some 60 tickets were issued to motorists in that operation.