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Courts to repair smart tv

Monday, June 30, 2014

Each week, the Guardian Angel column highlights complaints sent in by you, the consumer, and provides solutions or directs you to the appropriate resource.



Problem: Cheryl Katwaroo said she purchased a smart television from Courts on Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas, last December. Ms Katwaroo said on May 3, the television stopped working and Courts collected it on May 10. She said, “I have been calling numerous times and any time I call, they only giving me a runaround story and I have visited numerous times and the workers and manager only giving me excuses.” Ms Katwaroo said she is very tired of the excuses and wants the Guardian Angel to look into the matter.



Solution: The customer experience manager at Unicomer Group, the parent company of Courts, was contacted about Ms Katwaroo's complaint. The Guardian Angel was told that the parts to repair her television arrived last week, so she should be receiving it within the next couple of weeks.



Problem: Palmyra resident Horace Williams said, “On January 6, I bought a Whirlpool 30-inch gas cooker from Standards on Coffee Street. I was told that I had a six-month warranty on the item. “Soon after I noticed that some of the clock numbers were indistinct and not easily discernible.” Mr Williams said he reported the matter to the store on February 10 and “after much prodding, a Standards rep visited on March 17. He left a note saying that he would return to replace the defective part.”


Mr Williams said since then he's been calling Standards to inquire. He said, “Every time I call, the person answering will promise to call back with an update, but they never do.”



Solution: Standards' customer care manager said as the part required for Mr Williams' stove cannot be replaced, Mr Williams' stove will be exchanged.