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Public Dancer

Monday, June 30, 2014
Leanne Charles doesn't go clubbing yet, but she does go supermarketing!

My name is Leanne Charles and I like to dance in the grocery. 



My middle name is V-I-V-I-A-N-E. That is “Vivienne.” I’m five. 



I live at home and I go to Sacred Heart Girls’ RC School. I am in Miss Celestine’ class. That is first year. 



I like writing and spelling best. I can’t spell “smoke” but I can spell D-O-G dog and C-A-T-E cat. Miss Celestine is my favourite teacher. 



I don’t have any brothers and sisters. I’m very special. My mummy is Lisa Marie Charles. My papa [grandfather] is Louis Russell Charles. 



I play games like “river bank” at school. Plenty friends have to play. Once somebody in river, that means they out. And when everybody get in river, game over. 



I like to colour in school. And I like to draw a flower. 



On Tuesdays, after school, I do pan. And on Fridays, gymnastics. And on Saturdays, swimming. But I like swimming, pan and gymnastics most. 



I like to eat spaghetti with mincemeat and ketchup. And Nerds is my favourite sweetie. And I like the blue potato chips. In the blue pack. I’s drink shandy and Peardrax. 



I could swim in the deep. But I could only go underwater at swimming. I could hold my breath for a hundred million. 



My favourite movie is Frozen; because I like to sing and dance. My favourite song is Barbie. But I like to sing a Ravi B song: “Is your mo-ther! She want me buy a bread for she!” 



I like apple-cherry drink, but only in a small little box. I like the one with this word: Orchard. 



I like pink, purple, yellow and green. But I like pink the mostest. 



Kaia is my best friend, and Chloe, but in Sacred Heart, my best friends are Faith, Victoria and Dannika. And I can’t remember how to spell Kalissia’ name. And either Cheyenne or Shianne. I don’t know the spelling. 



I like Carnival. I playing mas since Snakes & Ladders band when I was three. I even get letters from school saying if I could join the school mas band. I played a bee in the school band and a fruit salad with Auntie Rosemary Perkins. And Chloe was a watermelon. 



My mummy is read stories to me. I like “Cat in the Hat.” That is not a bedtime story. That is an “anytime” story. Green Eggs and Ham good, too. That Sam I am! But it have plenty pages! I do not like it with a fox or with too much pages. I even have little books. 



I always liked to dance in the grocery, especially with Yo Gabba Gabba music. I will sing and dance in Hi-Lo because I like it! 



The best part of singing and dancing in the grocery is that it is fun. And you have a whole aisle to dance in. And the music is play above your head. 



A Trini is somebody from Trinidad. I living in Trinidad. So that makes me happy. Also a Trini. 



I love Trinidad. I went Tobago but it was boring. 



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