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Hostile staff in South—customers

Friday, July 4, 2014

Scores of people went to the Immigration Division in San Fernando yesterday hoping to collect their passports but even though the office was open, many left disappointed. Customers complained staff were hostile, documents were not being processed on time and parking was a nightmare. The office at Knox Street reopened around 7 am. Suzanne Reid, whose son, Charles Reid, is expected to begin classes at Hofstra University, United States, said she was disappointed that his passport was not being processed in time for him to start school. “He has to leave for the US within the next three weeks and they are telling me to come back next month. I am not sure what to do now,” Reid said. 


Gemma Ramadoo, who was waiting to collect a passport since March, said there was poor organisation at the division. “Everyone was given a 7 am appointment so there is no order. Sometimes it takes a whole day to get forms checked. This system needs to change,” Ramadoo said. She recommended that immigration services be set up in all constituencies and processing be done in both cities. President of the Latin Association of T&T, David Edghill, also said changes must be made to how immigration services are carried out. “We have many foreigners here who are awaiting documents and they cannot be processed. People are afraid to come here because of the delays in getting documents,” Edghill said.