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Johnnie Abraham: $500,000 bounty on my head

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Central Division head Snr Supt Johnnie Abraham says he has received death threats from criminals and his life has been in danger before, but now a $500,000 bounty has been placed on his head. This was revealed by Abraham during an interview with the Sunday Guardian on Friday, in the aftermath of the cold-blooded murder of soldier Lance Corporal Kayode Thomas in Laventille last Sunday. 



Thomas’ shocking death prompted a strongly worded statement from National Security Minister Gary Griffith that deadly force by criminals will be met with deadly force by law enforcement officials. Abraham said, “A certain sector in the community put out a $500,000 contract on me in May. “I was informed by way of investigation that was launched by the branch. The information was passed on to me, and I was told to be very careful because of that $500,000 hit on my head.


“Seven people were approached but none of them took the work. You have to be alive to collect. “But I’m ready here waiting for them, I’m not bothering with that. They can’t stop me from doing my work.” He said he has contingency measures in place to ensure his safety and that of his officers.


Abraham and his officers have declared Central a no-go zone for bandits and armed criminals. So far for the year, nine gang leaders have died in shootouts with officers from the Central Division; more than 50 guns, some high-powered, were seized; several drug seizures were made; and stolen cars were recovered. He said three of his officers were wounded in the line of duty.