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Farewell for Jimmy Mc Nicolls today

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Jimmy Mc Nicolls

Staff members of Guardian Media Ltd will say their final farewell today to Jimmy McNicolls, a man who spent most of his life devoted to the newspaper. McNicolls’ wife Marcia said her husband was a jolly and happy man who had worked at the T&T Guardian since he was a teenager. Mc Nicolls, 70, passed away on Saturday morning as a result of a ruptured liver but had been in and out of hospital over the past few months owing to complications from a fall.



“He was always happy, and that is how I want people to remember him,” Marcia said. Copyreader at the T&T Guardian Kelvin Choy, McNicolls’ close friend for many years, said: “Jimmy was liked by everyone. “Besides being very proficient in his job as a subeditor for the daily Guardian, the Evening News, and the Sunday Guardian, he was well-liked by his workmates and a pleasure to work with.


“We were not only workmates but very close friends, like brothers.” Mc Nicolls was also a guitarist of note and started playing in the 1960s. Choy said Mc Nicolls, whom he called Jimbo, would definitely be missed by all. Editorial supervisor Cherill Mc Clean, another colleague, said Mc Nicolls was known as happy and fun-loving. She also praised his skills: “He knew his work. He could look at a page and tell you immediately what was wrong with it and how to fix it.”


Mc Nicolls will be laid to rest today following a funeral  at 9.30 am at the St Agnes Anglican Church, Clarence Street, St James.