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Relatives claim soldiers kidnap ‘Bandy’s’ brother in Grenada

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Relatives of Duane Skeete, the brother of Dillon “Bandy” Skeete, who is allegedly being sought by soldiers for the shooting death of their colleague Kayode Thomas are now claiming that Duane has been kidnapped by soldiers. Relatives said Duane left Trinidad on July 3, four days after Thomas was murdered and was snatched up by men in camouflage uniforms sometime yesterday and have not been seen or heard since. 



Dillon visited the T&T Guardian building on Monday with his attorney and other relatives claiming that since Thomas’s death he and his relatives have been the target of brutality metted out by soldiers. Yesterday relatives told the T&T Guardian a police officer by the name of Hill attached to the Mt Coutaine Police Station in Grenada told them men in camouflage worn by T&T military had taken Duane. The relatives said this is another attack on the family by rogue soldiers seeking vengeance. 


The relatives claim  the soldiers were assisted by Grenadian soldiers who escorted Duane home to retrieve his luggage. Since his alleged arrest the family has not had any contact with Duane. Contacted yesterday civilian affairs officer of the Defence Force Major Al Alexander said he had no information on the latest allegation levelled against his men by  Skeete’s family. Alexander  again called on them to make an official report about any infringes of the law that soldiers may have done.