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Time to take a stand

Pastor at funeral of murdered woman
Thursday, July 17, 2014

The morals and values that were instilled in the citizens of T&T as children are failing them and the 230 murders in only 197 days of this year is evidence of this failure. So said minister Carl Ramlal, who was officiating at the funeral of murdered businesswoman Nesha Espinoza, at Guide’s Funeral Home, Coffee Street, San Fernando, yesterday. Espinoza, 44, was shot during a robbery in Point Lisas on July 11, after her killers had already grabbed her $50,000 payroll last Friday at Rivulet Road, Couva. 



Ramlal called on mourners to take a stand against hard-hearted people and engage them in a spiritual battle. “As a people we cannot lose hope, we have to stand up against hard-hearted people like the ones who did this. We need to get on our knees and cry out for what they are doing to this nation, engage them in a spiritual battle for our land.” Ramlal admonished those gathered to live spiritual lives and not to be imitated and fearful. “Let the devil and his imps know they have no place in our land, we are taking back T&T.”


In his eulogy, Espinoza’s brother-in-law, pastor Kiwi Calloo described Espinoza as the glue that held her family together. “Nesha was very family-oriented, there was no limit to what she would for her family,” said Calloo. “She was the rock of her family and a most giving woman.” Calloo said she was also a fearless person. “There was nothing that could scare her. She loved a challenge and would never back down.”