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Man on criminal charges shot dead

Friday, July 18, 2014

A 35-year-old man facing several criminal charges, including shooting a police officer, was ambushed and shot dead yesterday outside his home in Pleasantville. Police identified him as Marlon Layne, of Redwood Street, Blitz Village. Layne, who died while undergoing emergency surgery at the San Fernando General Hospital, was shot seven times while sitting in his Mitsubishi Lancer car.


Details surrounding Layne’s death were sketchy yesterday afternoon but a resident, who did not wish to be named, told reporters around 2.55 pm Layne pulled into his driveway. Two cars—a red Almera and blue Kia—pulled alongside after which gunshots were heard. The cars then sped off. One hit the back of Layne’s car in the haste to leave the scene. Residents said Layne’s girlfriend and two of his cousins went to the car and found him slumped behind the wheel. They put him in another car and took him to the hospital. Neighbours were hesitant to say more about the shooting. 


The T&T Guardian understands that Layne was facing several charges, including possession of arms, ammunition, narcotics and wounding a police officer. He was out on bail. His sister Tricia Knaggs, 38, said she spoke to him yesterday and he said he was coming to see her. However, she said, she was not too concerned when he did not turn up, only to hear that he had been shot and killed.