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President Carmona back to work

Saturday, July 19, 2014

President Anthony Carmona is back out to work after being injured while playing football last weekend. Carmona’s secretary confirmed this when contacted yesterday. Saying the President was in a meeting, the secretary referred questions to the president’s communications specialist Theron Boodan, but Boodan was on a course and was unavailable for comment. Calls to President Carmona’s cellular phone went unanswered.



Carmona was warded at the St Clair Medical Centre for observation after he suffered head injuries while playing football with neighbours following the World Cup football final on Sunday. Carmona and some of his neighbours at Flagstaff watched the finals of the Fifa World Cup match between Argentina and Germany, then went to play football afterwards. During the match, around 6 pm, the President slipped and fell, hitting the right side of his head on the pavement.


He was given medicine for the pain and swelling, but when the swelling increased, Carmona decided to go to the St Clair Medical Centre, where he was kept overnight. He returned to work on Thursday and was given the report of the commission of enquiry into the events surrounding the collapse of the Hindu Credit Union Co-operative Society. The report was submitted by commissioner Sir Anthony Colman.