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Police association: We need a permanent CoP

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
The association’s secretary Insp Michael Seales said yesterday it was concerned about Williams being granted another extension and it was taking so long to appoint a permanent police commissioner. Seales said the association believed someone else should be given the opportunity to serve as CoP. Saying the issue of promotion remained contentious, Seales said there were several disgruntled officers waiting to be elevated to the rank of corporal and above. On the relationship between the association and Williams, Seales said: “The association does not enjoy an amicable relationship with Mr Williams as the membership has found it not easy to trust the acting police commissioner. “If Mr Williams is again given another extension he would be deemed a repeat offender in terms of the promotional blunders.” He said the alternative was for the commission to choose a candidate as there were many suitable candidates to fill the post.