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Griffith orders more audits

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

National Security Minister Gary Griffith says audits will soon be conducted into all the social programmes run by his ministry, including the Citizen Security Programme (CSP), the National Mentorship Programme (NMP) and Hoop of Life.

In a statement yesterday, Griffith said the audits would be done to verify that these youth-focused programmes were “delivering to stakeholders what they are mandated to do based on the objectives of their design.”

He said he wanted to certify that under his watch there was prudent financial management of funds earmarked for various programme activities and that all funds were channeled directly to relevant personnel and authorities.

Griffith said these proposed audits were not linked in any way to the recently terminated LifeSport Programme as there had been no reports of questionable activity. However, he was of the strong view that it was necessary at this time to assess the impact of these programmes.

He added that he strongly believed it was incumbent upon him as the Minister of National Security to ensure that “bona fide stakeholders of the CSP, NMP and Hoop of Life programmes continue to benefit from these developmental platforms as intended.”