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Murder victim’s family calls for prayers

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Nicholas Selby, 26, who was shot dead at La Puerta, Diego Martin, on Tuesday night.

With the murder toll increasing almost daily, the family of one murder victim, who was only identified yesterday, is calling on the nation to pray, saying their tears would not be in vain. The murder toll, according to a T&T Guardian tally, is now 253, 40 more than for the corresponding period last year. Speaking to the media yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, relatives of Leroy Wells said he was a sickly man who lived at Chaguanas and Fyzabad with relatives and used to sell slippers and other items to make ends meet.

His sister Kemba Wells said: “Last time I see him I gave him a jersey and my daughter give him money. He said he coming back but he didn’t come. “On Sunday police come and say he’s in forensic. They said they find the body and it was decomposed. I said, ‘How it decomposed if he missing two days?’ “What really going on in this country? Why we have to be burying our children and then forget them? Why? God don’t sleep and you see these tears, they will never be in vain. “My brother wasn’t well, he had heart problems. He couldn’t work.”  

Wells’s body was found in Sea Lots on July 25 after people living at Pioneer Drive reported they heard several  gunshots around 7.30 pm. Shortly after, the body of a man was found lying in the road with gunshot wounds. Another female relative of Wells was heard in the background yesterday calling on the nation to pray. She said all races needed to get up and pray because there was too much bloodshed and called on people to “pray like you never prayed before.”

In an unrelated incident, the relatives of Nicholas Selby, who was killed in Diego Martin on Tuesday night, said he was killed after he sought to make peace. Police said around 10.30 pm gunshots were heard at La Puerta Road, Diego Martin, and residents found the 26-year-old Selby in a track with gunshot wounds. He was taken to the St James Medical Complex where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Relatives described Selby as “a cool person” who was liked by all but said he and another man had a disagreement and he had gone to meet with some people to “reason out the situation” in an attempt to avoid bloodshed.