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Sando residents in protest for jobs

Claims of neglect by politicians
Saturday, August 30, 2014
A Cepep workers removes debris from the road following a protest by residents at Ramsaran Street, San Fernando for jobs. PHOTO: RISHI RAGOONATH

Fed up of being neglected, residents of Ramsaran Street, San Fernando threw debris onto the Rienzi Kirton Highway to draw attention to their plight yesterday morning. The only response they got, however, was from the police who supervised the removal of the debris off the road by a Cepep worker who was working nearby. Instead of hitting the streets in protest, the residents just threw the debris, including an old couch, cushions, plant pots, concrete blocks and a bucket on the road.

Spokesperson Christopher Bethel said there were several issues, but the main one was that people were not getting jobs. He said he believed the area was being neglected because of the negative stigma attached to the community. “Election come, election go we are still suffering. The whole place here is in a state of neglect,” he said.

Bethel, the father of a two-year-old who died after choking on jello snack in February, said he had been out of work for the past six months. “People here make applications for HDC houses, but no one taking us on.” Bethel was hopeful that someone would be sympathetic to their plight and help the community.