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Drug Lord killed in La Brea

Friday, January 15, 2016
Police stand outside the Railway home of Curtis Williams

A La Brea businessman was shot dead this morning. The police believe the man was one of the biggest drug lords in south Trinidad.

According to reports, about 11 am, Curtis Williams, 50, also known as “Papa Willie” was in his Railway Road, La Brea home when a man, who was carrying a child, called from outside the gate.

Williams left his house, opened the gate and invited the man inside. He and the man then went upstairs. After a while the man and the child went downstairs and subsequently left the house.

Williams was at home with three of his children and step children. His eight-year-old daughter, whose name is yet to be disclosed, later came downstairs.

Distraught, she told her brother, “Pa dead.”

They contacted the police who discovered that the recording device in the security cameras was removed. 

Police have no leads, but they believe that Williams’ death is related to allegations of him being a drug lord. Williams was the owner of a security firm called Williams’ Enterprises. 

Investigations continue.