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Powergen closed Port-of-Spain plant

Friday, January 15, 2016
The skyline of Port-of-Spain will no longer look the same as

Powergen has closed the Port-of-Spain plant on Wrightson Road, marking the end of 121 years of power generation from that plant.

The plant was officially retired at midnight and the four stacks that have been a part of the Port-of-Spain skyline for years, are coming down.

The following is a statement from Powergen:

"Thursday January 14th 2016 marked the day that the curtain came down on PowerGen's Port-of-Spain plant. The four stacks that have held iconic status in the landscape are now retired and will soon no longer form part of the Port of Spain skyline.

This mandatory cessation of power supply is in accordance with contractual terms between the Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (PowerGen) and the Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC).

In a message to staff, PowerGen's Ag. General Manager Mr. Surin Ramsingh said, "While many have relied for decades on the electricity generated by this power generation plant," it is the company's employees, who have been "an integral part of this critical service to our nation, and the true power behind the stacks.'

In expressing his thanks, Mr. Ramsingh also recognised their commitment and delivery, which he described as having "fueled this facility and illumined thousands of lives over the years."

Since it was first established by Edgar Trip in 1895 and through the changes to a state-owned enterprise in 1937, this site has been a power source to Trinidad. 

With the establishment of the 33,000 Volt Busbar System, installation of the Parsons Steam Turbine units in 1961, and the installation of the General Electric Steam Turbine Units in 1969 and 1974, the Port of Spain Power plant produced power at a capacity of 260,000 kilowatt. By 1984, that had increased to 308,000 kilowatt with the addition of two 24,000 kilowatt Rolls Royce Gas Turbine driven generators.

Effective midnight 14th January 2016 the units were retired from the nation's power generation infrastructure. This heralds the commencement of the decommissioning process which has 
been in development over the past year.

PowerGen continues to operate its two power plants at Point Lisas and Penal."