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Police search home of suspected burglar

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Police yesterday searched the home of the 36-year-old man who had holed out in the ceiling of 51 Degrees nightclub Thursday morning. They found stolen alcohol believed to be from nearby Town Restaurant.

Police said they have yet to receive an inventory from the owners of Town of what was stolen from the restaurant, and so far they have been unable to determine how much of the alcohol they recovered was indeed stolen stuff.

According to police, the suspect has ten criminal charges for similar offences, leading them to believe that he is a career burglar. When he was arrested he had cash on him "in the hundreds" of dollars, believed to have been stolen from the nightclub. Police believe that it had been left in the cash register.

The lawmen say that after reviewing CCTV footage, they know who the other thieves are. They expect to make an arrest soon. The man was arrested after a standoff with police at the Cipriani Boulevard Building. He was flushed out after three pepper spray canisters were thrown into the ceiling where he’d been hiding.

Police said they were alerted after a silent alarm was triggered just after 5 am Thursday. They weren’t able to arrest the man for another four hours. His three accomplices escaped.