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$1.2m to host Dimanche Gras

...NCC expecting a sell-out crowd
Sunday, February 7, 2016

$1.2 million.

That’s the cost to host tonight’s Dimanche Gras show at the Queen’s Park Savannah. This figure excludes the $1 million that will be awarded to the Calypso Monarch.

Confirmation came from chairman of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Kenny De Silva.

NCC is Carnival’s governing body. “I am happy to report that we did not exceed the budget for the show,” De Silva said.

Speaking on Thursday while examining final touches to the big stage at the Savannah, De Silva said he hoped T&T would have two days of crime-free and enjoyable Carnival.

“We are hopeful and optimistic that we will have a smooth Carnival. Everything is in place for the greatest show on Earth,” De Silva said.

Of the 4,500 Dimanche Gras tickets printed, De Silva said 50 per cent had already been sold.

“Sales have been going steady and we are expecting a sell-out crowd on Sunday.”

Reserved tickets are priced at $400 while general admission costs $250.

The theme for this year’s show is Unforgettable—The time line of your life.

On Friday, producer of the show, Carl Beaver Henderson, gave some insight into the packed programme, which begins with a pre-show at 6 pm.

The show gets started at 7 pm with steelband group Pure playing an array of tunes. The 2016 Junior Calypso Monarch, Sharissa Camejo will open with a rendition of Our Blessed Land. Henderson said this would be followed by the 11 Calypso Monarch finalists and reigning champ Roderick “Chucky” Gordon each singing their first calypso as they vie for the prestigious title.

Patrons would then be treated to a comedy from Errol Fabien, Learie Joseph, Nikki Crosby, Pennelope Spencer, George Gonzales and Tommy Joseph.

He said approximately 60 Carnival characters, comprising gorillas, feathered Indians, Jab Jabs, moko jumbies, midnight robbers and masqueraders would grace the stage, while the lyrics of Kerwin Du Bois’ Unforgettable would be played in the background to entertain the crowd.

“We are also negotiating with calypsonian Super Blue to be a guest performer. But we are still awaiting word,” Henderson said.

Henderson said competing calypsonians would then do their second song

The programme is expected to come to an end at 11.45 pm.

Henderson said he expected the results to be announced by midnight.

“We don’t want to go beyond midnight with the performances. We intend to keep the show as tight as possible,” he added.