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Man shot dead in crossfire

Monday, February 15, 2016

Caught in the crossfire of a police shoot-out with gunmen, a man was shot dead yesterday evening while he was on his way to spend time with his Valentine. 

According to reports, Kenton Williams, 22, from Ramdhanie Trace, Indian Walk, Moruga was shot dead around 8.10 pm last night according to eye witnesses.

Williams was walking east along the street, heading home to carry chocolates for his Valentine. As he passed, there were two police officers interviewing residents over a dispute they were having involving a car. 

As he walked past them, some men jumped out from behind a concrete wall and began firing shots at the police.

Williams, who was in the middle of the road, ran and one of the police officers shot at him. Preliminary assessments revealed that Williams received five to six bullets about the body. 

His mother, Ann Marie Reyes, said he was never involved in any illegal activities nor was he ever arrested by the police. He worked as a cashier at a nearby mini-mart.