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Sando Mayor upset after fire

Monday, February 15, 2016
Imperial Plaza store owners and employees wait to get into the gutted building yesterday after Saturday’s fire. PHOTO: TONY HOWELL

San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein is calling for an inspection of all fire hydrants and an increased water pressure in commercial and residental areas in San Fernando. Hosein made the call after expressing his “disappointment over the water situation which affected fire hydrants in the High Street area” during Saturday’s fire which destroyed the Imperial Plaza, at Lower High Street.

Fire officers have since denied that there was no water in the hydrants. The water pressure was low, they said, but they were able to get that sorted out. They said they also had in place a plan, which they successfully executed, to utilise water from the nearby sea.

The press release from the Mayor’s Office stated: “The Mayor is now calling for the inspection of all fire hydrants and an improvement of the water pressure in San Fernando's commercial and residential areas to ensure the security of the city’s residential and commercial properties. 

“Mayor Hosein has also made a commitment to ensure a proper evacuation plan is created for the city’s commercial areas following yesterday’s fire at Lower High Street, San Fernando.”

Hosein praised the coordinated efforts of the fire services, City Police, Southern Division Police, WASA, T&TEC and San Fernando West and San Fernando East MPs, which resulted in the successful containment of the fire.

The fire resulted in major losses for 35 business owners and more than 100 people were left without jobs. The cause of the fire is still to be ascertained.