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Food colouring turns West Shore waters red

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Red substance contaminated waters just to the back of West Shore Medical, Cocorite.

Food colouring

That was the substance which coloured the water red near West Shore Medical by Bay Side Towers today. 

This morning people reported a red colour floating around in the water behind West Shore. Perplexed as to what it was, authority from the Environmental Management Authority were called in.

A spokes person from West Shore Medical said officials from the EMA confirmed the substance is not blood or gasoline but maybe a red dye from a factory.

The official from West Shore said the substance in the water did not come from their hospital and believes it emanated from a nearby factory.

Stuart Brothers WI Limited, a manufacturer of flavouring concentrates for the food and beverage industries of the region, admitted that an employee panicked and dumped food colouring into the wrong drain which leads to the ocean. 

Stuart Brothers apologises for the mishap but confirmed that the food colouring is not harmful. 

A source from WASA confirmed that at no time was the contaminated water toxic to plant or marine life.