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Security officer shot dead

Monday, February 29, 2016
Gunmen open fire in bar:

A security guard was shot dead last night when gunmen opened fire in a bar he was liming in.

Around 10.30pm yesterday Ronaldo Gordon, 22, a security officer from Lumy Trace, Bois Jean Jean, Moruga, and two friends were liming out side Series Bar on the corner of Circular Road and Manahambre Road, Princes Town.

Two men came out of a silver Nissan AD Wagon, and opened fire on the group. Gordon was shot several times in the head, and upper body. Four other patrons were shot in their legs and taken to Sand Fernando General Hospital. They were treated and rendered in stable condition.

He was pronounced dead on the scene. The body was taken to Forensic Science Centre. 

The police have no motive for the shooting.